August 07, 2021

5 Zero-Waste Tips On The Go

By Camille Huang
Zero-waste on the go sustainable living, eco-friendly lifestyle blog.

Many of us have struggled with being plastic-free when we travel outside. We get it because there are so many factors that can result in unplanned purchases. This is why we have 5 simple tips to help you solve this problem (it solved ours!).

1. Travel with an Accessible Bag that has Big Storage.

When you have a bag that can hold all essentials plus more, that means it can store access stuff you take from the outside. In the usual case, a tote bag is a perfect option. However, if you are looking for something more stylish, our Kraft Paper Messenger Lunch Bag is as practical as any other bag(It can even fit an iPad).

Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Messenger Lunch Bag cross shoulder lifestyle image from Eco Beige

2. Carry your own Cutlery Set.

We walk out, see food/drinks, then we have cravings that are unstoppable. But after enjoying some take-out food, we reflect on the impact of these plastic cutleries. Did you know there IS a way to prevent take-out disposables? When you carry your own cutlery set on the go, it prevents you from having to take plastic disposable utensils. Our Natural Bamboo Cutlery Set is the solution. It even has a fabric pouch, so if you have access to water, it only takes a few seconds to rinse clean after use, and then it can get stored back in the pouch to dry for next use!

Eco-Beige Natural Bamboo Cutlery Set with beige color pouch and engraved logo on each bamboo utensils. Elegant and minimal on the go.

3. Bring a Leak-Proof Seal Bag.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what will a leak-proof seal bag help for this? To your surprise, much unexpected goods it does! When you have leftover food from the restaurant you can pack them to-go. Or if you have small trash that can’t be composed outside, pop them in the sealed bag. Now, if you want to make some use of the empty seal bag, put your keys, accessories, or cash inside like an organizer! Many people use plastic zip-lock bags for this which is perfectly fine! We also recommend STASHER bags because they are made of heatable and freezable food-grade silicone; meaning it is toxic-free for your food and last you a lifetime!

Blue sandwich stasher food grade reusable silicone bag used as travel organizer Pink food grade silicone sandwich bag used for snack and food on the go.

4. Have a Reusable Cup or Bottle.

This tip is probably the most common among many people. Yes, when you bring your own reusable cups it saves a plastic cup from the drinks you want to have. However, when it comes to choosing the right straw cup or bottles we noticed some common issues such as; the bottle is too heavy, it takes up too much space, or the straw cups doesn’t seal and will spill in the bag. Very problematic indeed. This is why we found Stojo; the collapsable and leak-proof straw cups, extremely useful and practical to bring out! They take very little space in the bag, have a straw for the 16oz & 24oz, and do not leak when the cap is closed!

5. Last but not least, carry a Foldable Reusable Grocery Bag.

We all know that bringing our own reusable grocery bags saves plastic bags, but the problem we run into a lot is that we forget to bring them. Because of this consistent recurrence, the found the best way is to keep a foldable Reusable Bag in the bag you travel with. The key is that, if these reusable bags are small enough when stored, you can just pop one into each travel bag and never have to worry about forgetting them! Our Natural Cotton Netted Hand Bags and Shoulder Bags have a small physical appearance but surprisingly they can hold up to 3 times their size. By rolling these bags and use the straps to loop them up, it minimizes their size even more!

Eco Beige natural cotton netted hand bag for grocery shopping.

We hope these 5 simple tips above will help with your next Zero-Waste outings! Share with us what you think, or what you do to reduce plastic waste outside.

Remember, each conscious step can become a big impact on our earth! Be proud of the little changes you make.

See you on our eco-blog next time!

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