Kraft Paper Messenger Lunch Bag

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Kraft Paper Fabric or Washable Paper is a thick and durable fabric made 100% from paper and compostable! Best of all, it is highly reusable, and washable!! The strap of this bag is made out of microfibre leather. Microfibre leather is vegan leather and has many more advantages than real leather. It is water-resistant, breathable, soft in texture. Also, know as one of the synthetic but eco-friendly leather materials because of its extreme durability and very long-lasting property!

• Paper Leather
• Recyclable (Paper leather only)
• Washable by hand
• Extremely durable
• Magnetic snap closure
• 28cmx24cmx16cm
• Multipurpose 
• Maximum Load 2kg

• Kraft Paper: 100% paper made from tree
• Leather: Microfiber
• Buckles: Zinc Alloy Metal

Designed in Canada, Made ethically in China
Paper Leather made in Germany