Kraft Paper Messenger Lunch Bag

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Kraft Paper Fabric or Washable Paper is a thick and durable fabric made 100% from paper and compostable! Best of all, it is highly reusable, washable, and tear-free!! The strap of this bag is made out of microfibre leather. Microfibre leather is vegan leather and has many more advantages than real leather. It is water-resistant, breathable, soft in texture. Also, know as one of the synthetic but eco-friendly leather materials because of its extreme durability and very long-lasting property!

• Paper Leather
• Recyclable (Paper leather only)
• Washable by hand
• Extremely durable
• Magnetic snap closure
• 28cmx24cmx16cm
• Multipurpose 
• Maximum Load 2kg

• Kraft Paper: 100% paper made from tree
• Leather: Microfiber
• Buckles: Zinc Alloy Metal

Designed in Canada, Made ethically in China
Paper Leather made in Germany