Our Story

Eco Beige illustration logo horizontal design with sprouting brown leaf on the right.

The Brand

Eco Beige is founded in Vancouver, Canada by a small business owner with a passion to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. The word “Eco” stands for the goal to live more eco-friendly in our everyday life, and “Beige” is a color that stands for simplicity and nature. Eco Beige is known as a natural and minimal style brand that carries a variety of sustainable lifestyle goods.

The Mission

Eco Beige is created to share with you the “look great, feel great” sustainable lifestyle. We are here to help you discover eco-alternative products without sacrificing your style. As we introduce the low-waste journey to you, this doesn’t mean we are asking anyone to be perfect, because we aren’t either! At Eco Beige, we believe in the small conscious decisions that build into a bigger impact together. We hope our selection of eco products can help you recognize the stylish and affordable eco-options available. Together, we can slowly reduce the earth’s impact with plastic-free and reusable items. That way, we can all feel great about how we live. 

About The Shop

At Eco Beige, we share our love and passion for sustainable living. We are an online boutique that leads you to discover affordable and stylish products for an eco-friendly lifestyle. With us, you will also discover other brands that entrust eco-friendly products and services to our community.


The Founder

Hi there, I’m Camille! I came from a Fashion Design education background, where I learned about fast fashion and the ongoing sustainable issue in this industry. After I’ve graduated from The Wilson School of Design in 2018, I had a plan to start my own eco-friendly fashion brand. But before that, I had decided to work in related fields to build more experience. Fast forward a few years, my careers allowed me to see the reality and functions within many industries. That’s when I begin to realize that sustainability should be normalized everywhere. After recognizing that the world needs more sustainable initiative businesses that will care for our planet, my original plan has changed a route. With a strong urge to be a responsible entrepreneur, I founded Eco Beige in 2021 in the hope to share a greener lifestyle with everyone.

Why Choose Us?

We are transparent about our products.
While we do our best to source and create eco-friendly items, we also make sure to clarify the imperfect environmental parts. This is so you can acknowledge the materials and properly dispose or recycle each product at the end of its lifespan. We are also transparent about where our products came from, so everyone can be aware of the carbon footprint in order to make a conscious purchase.

We do our research.
All products and suppliers we work with have all been carefully selected with research and testimonials. We only believe in products that are produced ethically, sustainably, and, have a lower impact on our earth.

We listen to your feedback.
Our customer’s feedback is our top priority. We are an imperfect small business doing our best to save the earth while keeping our customers happy. We are always learning just like everyone else. So share your thoughts and feedback for us to become better!