Beautitionary is an award-winning, 100% Natural, vegan & Leaping-Bunny certified (cruelty-free) skin care company committed to creating luxury high quality products from locally sourced ingredients that are free of toxic chemicals.

Every product is guaranteed to have no artificial colors & synthetic fragrances, also no chemical preservatives are added because they believe that great skin is possible with eco-friendly and natural ingredients, free of alcohol or Paraben.

Beautitionary started as a sustainable brand that offers a refillable program, compostable and recyclable packaging, and proudly made its nourishing, natural products in less/no-plastic packaging.

Beautitionary was established by a couple of beauty specialists(Maryama) & a professional formulator (Reza). Their aim was to create a clean and sustainable beauty business that wouldn’t harm people’s skin or the environment. Their lifelong dream came true when they co-founded Beautitionary, a vegan beauty dictionary for all things related to beauty in Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia.