Reusable Facial Rounds With Bamboo Case

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Bring your skincare routine into an eco-friendly style. Start using reusable facial rounds to reduce waste consumption and feel good about selfcare! These Natural cotton bamboo rounds are perfect for applying toners or cleansing water onto the face. It comes with a cotton mesh bag to hang dry the washed round wipes, or you can put all your dirty wipes in the bag to wash in the laundry all at once. Store your cleaned wipes in the bamboo case to keep your cleaning cycle circular!

• One reusable round replaces 100+ disposable rounds
• Eco-friendly
• Double sided and quilted fabric Facial Wipes
• 10pc fabric Facial Wipes
• 1 Cotton Mesh Bag
• 1 Bamboo Case

• Facial Wipes: 70% Bamboo fiber, 30% Cotton
• Mesh bag: 100% Cotton
• Case: Bamboo

Ethically made in China