Bubble Tea Kit Gift Set

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Looking for the perfect gift to surprise your Bubble Tea partner in crime? This limited time gift set includes a multipurpose Slender Bubble Tea Cup from Eco Beige, and a Bubble Tea Kit 101 from Teaspoons Co.
End your hunt here because this is the ultimate gift choice for boba lovers!

Bubble Tea Kit 101 offers you the essentials for making bubble tea at home! This kit makes 10 servings! Instructions will include options for using dairy or non-dairy alternatives. It's the foolproof care package to send to a friend or enjoy it yourself!

This Kit Includes:
• 430g Tapioca Pearls (Includes 8 foil liners)
35g Loose Leaf Tea
• 8x Foil liners (For freezing leftover tapioca pearls)
10x Tea filters
• 8x Compostable sugarcane straw

Assembled with love in Vancouver