Zinc Alloy Safety Razor

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Why Safety Razor you ask? Because these razors are great for any areas, and super easy to clean after each shave! Not only that, these razors are plastic-free, long lasting, heavy duty, and made of metal which is recyclable! Each Razor comes with 5 pieces of blade refills.

To Use: Simply twist the razor knob to loosen and take apart the the shaver head. Insert blade between the two piece shaver head and resemble back in place. Hold the razor in a 30° angle and gently shave in one direction. The weighted razor will smoothly do the shaving job.

Get 10pc Double Edge Razor Blades refill here.

Cautious: Keep out of reach of children. Blades are extremely sharp and dangerous. Never handle the blades by the sharp edge. Please dispose of the blade properly in the blades disposal case.

• Includes 5pc stainless steel blades
• Anti slip grip handle
• Well weighted
• Double sided shaver
• Waterproof
• Matt finish
• Easy to clean

• Razor: Zinc Alloy
• Blade: Stainless Steel

Sustainably sourced from China