Boba Sugarcane Drinking Straws

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This all natural sugarcane boba straws are non-plastic and made of 100% sugarcane fiber. Every sugarcane straw has a light brown sugar aroma and no taste. They are a perfect alternative for plastic straws because of their similar texture, flexibility and durability. Plus, they never get soggy and can be used multiple times! The biggest difference is they are safe for the earth. These environmentally friendly straws work perfectly for drinks with toppings such as bubble tea, smoothies, and chia seeds drinks! Take them on-the-go with our Natural Bamboo Cutlery Set!

• Size: Boba Straw 1.2cm x 20cm
• 50 pieces a box
• Does not get soggy
• Home Compostable
• Naturally decompose in 6 months
• FDA Certified
• SGS Certified

• 100% Sugarcane Fiber

Made in Taiwan