August 18, 2021

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Essentials

By Camille Huang
Eco-Friendly Outdoor Essentials

Outdoor activities are many’s favourite during summer days! Nowadays, popular outdoor activities include BBQ, beach day, camping, picnics, hikes, and more! What can you bring to minimize space and trash while having a fantastic time sustainably? 

Stojo 16oz Sage cup. Make your own coffee on-the-go.  Bring your travel mug everywhere.  Refill any drinks with your own mug!  No trash, no waste.

First off, if you are an early bird leaving for adventures in the morning, coffee is probably one of the
MOST essential. Whether you make your own coffee or you get one on-the-go, it’s always nice to keep the traveling vehicle clean with no trash. This is when Stojo Collapsible Cups come in handy with its ultimate uses! With Stojo travel cups, you don’t have to worry about spills or finding a trash can to compose the cup anytime. Stojo cups can be put away collapsed and sealed, super easy to rinse and clean afterward too.


Stojo sandwich bag-pinappple. Reusable Food Bag, Pack any food-prep.  Eat anytime, anywhere.   Tidy, clean, convenient.  Stores away leftover food.  No trash, no waste.  
Now, we know many adventurers like to food-prep their outdoor meals in advance so they can get the best of their time enjoying their activities. Whether the food-prep is for a quick meal, or something that needs to be heated, the reusable Stasher Zip lock Silicone Bag is literally a saver for all above. It holds liquid, soups, snacks, veggies, and almost anything that you can think of. These bags are highly reusable and can even be heated! Our favouite camping idea is to bring some soup in the stasher bag, and bring them to boil for a good meal right out of the bag! 


Sun Care Mineral Facial Lotion from A Healthy Beginning. Natural Sun Care, Protects from sun burn.  Chemical-free, healthier for skin.   Organic ingredients.  Less impact to earth and ocean reefs.  Safe for all ages and skin type.

Another few very important things to keep in mind for outdoor activities under the sun is to keep your skin hydrated and protected. The last thing you want from a fun trip is to come home toasted. While sunscreen is very convenient to purchase anywhere, have you ever thought about trying something that is actually organic for your skin like A Healthy Beginning’s Sun Care Mineral Facial Lotion and Whipped Mineral Sun Butter? Because they are healthy for the skin and made with natural ingredients only. Smells quite amazing too. Applying trustworthy and organic sun protections is always better for our skin than applying chemicals. There is also less impact being left behind on our earth after they get washed out.


Natural Mosquito Repellent from A Healthy Beginning. Natural bug spray, Protects from bug bites.  No harsh chemical in the air.   none-toxic herbal ingredients.  Safe for the environment.  Safe for all ages and sensitive skin.

Last, but not least, BUGS. Who doesn’t hate bugs and mosquito bites that cause you to itch a week long after a good adventure. If your reasoning for no bug sprays is because of the toxic smell and the accidenta
l inhalation of the chemical while applying, we get it. However, A Healthy Beginning's Natural Mosquito Repellent is a game changer. It is made of herbal ingredients with a very pleasant smell that the bugs and mosquitos are surprisingly afraid of! The bottles are also made of aluminum, which is recyclable! 


Eco-living women walking down nature path.

That wraps up our outdoor essential recommendations. We hope everyone is soaking up the sun and having a good time enjoying nature. Don’t forget to clean up after ourselves so other people can enjoy it as well! Feel free to share with us and let us know what eco-friendly ideas you tried when you were outdoors!

Remember, each conscious step can have a big impact on our earth! Be proud of the little changes you make.

See you on our eco-blog next time!

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