Imperfect Wood Cellulose Loofah Sponge

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Imperfect Wood Cellulose Loofah Sponge is slightly stained by unknown grease during the transportation. A good wash with some soap should clean and sanitize this sponge again!

This wood cellulose sponge is the plastic-free classic that cleans all sorts of kitchen dishes! This sponge is two-sided, with loofah scourer on one side and wood cellulose sponge on the other. It is super easy to use; squeezable, bendable, and gets every grease off! 

Note: Each loofah has its own unique texture and color due to the beauty of nature.

• Two-sided
• Home Compostable
• Plastic Free

• Scrub: Natural loofah fiber
• Sponge: 100% Wood Cellulose

Sustainably sourced in China