Eco-Friendly Hair Care Gift Set

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Looking for an eco-friendly gift for this holiday season? Look no more! Our Eco-Friendly Hair Care Gift Set will be the coolest and most practical sustainable gift someone can receive! This bundle contains both Shampoo and Condition bars, a Hemp Soap Saver Bag, and a Bamboo Comb! Everything is placed in a bio-container made of bamboo fiber + wheat fiber (If you look close enough, these are actually our extra Bamboo Lunch Box containers that was imperfect for selling)!

Another great bonus is that, this gift set is wrapped with our Natural Cotton Netted Hand Bag, so instead of an useless wrapping, you get an extra shopping bag! How cool is that?!

We put a lot of thoughts and creativity into this gift set so no extra gift wrapping is consumed, and we get to repurpose some imperfect products too! We hope you like what we did.

• 1 Shampoo Bar- Beard & Shave 3-In1 (3oz)
• 1 Conditioner Bar (2oz)
• 1 Hemp Soap Saver Bag
• 1 Bamboo Comb
• Bonus: 1 Imperfect container(only) from Natural Bamboo Lunch Box
• Bonus: 1 Natural Cotton Netted Hand Bag

Thoughtful gift set put together with Love.